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Thursday, May 17, 2012

EyeLuv.Me Sidekick Eyelash Applicator & Application Instructions / Tips

You may purchase your eyeLuv.me Sidekick Eyelash Applicator HERE.

Meet your new BFF, the EyeLuvMe “SideKick” eyelash applicator clip. The “SideKick” will make your life easier when applying strip lashes. Say no more to frustrations in front of the mirror and cut down your time when getting ready to go out. Our SideKick is simply a must have eyelash accessory, especially for beginners! Try them out and follow our directions below.
eyeluvme some sidekick!

Step 1: Slowly remove lashes from its respective eyelash tray and place each lash into the grooves of the lash stand.

Step 2: Here's a close up!

Step 3: Carefully position the Sidekick Eyelash Applicator above the lashes and press both ends to open the soft rubber grips apart from each other, like so...

Step 4: Now make certain that the eyelash is proportionately positioned from the right and left evenly, and in the center, of the Sidekick Eyelash Applicator. (you want to do this only once, to prevent from having to replace the lashes into the grooves, if you've made a mistake - don't worry, practice makes perfect)

Step 5: Release from pressing the applicator. Your Sidekick Eyelash Applicator should now have a firm grip on the eyelash.

Step 6: Confirm that the eyelash is properly secured in the applicator, and centered, or, positioned, as needed.

Step 7: Next, apply your glue, as you normally would; i.e. apply a thin amount of glue along the base of the lash strip, as illustrated below.

Step 8: Allow the glue to become tacky, then place the eyelashes as close to the baseline/lash line of your natural lashes, working from the center out. Hold the eyelash in place for a few seconds until the lash strip has a chance to hold/stick. Release the Sidekick Eyelash Applicator, and there you have it, you're all done!.

Note: Reusable strip lashes can be re-placed on the lash stand for reshaping and continuous wear.

Monday, May 14, 2012

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

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